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Lego joins with Fortnite developer Epic to create a Metaverse for kids

Lego x Epic Games Metaverse partnership
(Image credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite developer Epic Games has announced it is teaming up with toy company Lego to create a safe place for kids to play and create in the 'Metaverse'. 

The Lego and Epic Games partnership has plans to "shape the future of the metaverse to make it safe and fun for children and families." According to a statement uploaded to the Epic Games website (opens in new tab), "the two companies will team up to build an immersive, creatively inspiring and engaging digital experience for kids of all ages to enjoy together."

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In the early stages of its life, with many of us not still entirely sure what the heck it really is, the idea of the Metaverse is quickly gaining momentum with companies far and wide making steps towards getting involved with this new phase of the internet. It’s not clear yet how exactly Lego and Epic Games will go about creating their family-friendly space in the Metaverse but it’s an interesting partnership nevertheless. 

Epic CEO Tim Sweeney spoke about the partnership in the press release explaining: "The LEGO Group has captivated the imagination of children and adults through creative play for nearly a century, and we are excited to come together to build a space in the metaverse that’s fun, entertaining, and made for kids and families."

While the metaverse - fancy shorthand for a social, online space, perhaps with some sandbox-esque stylings - might seem like a relatively new buzzword, the concept has been around for a while. Any number of MMOs dating back decades could fit within that definition, while games like VRChat have adopted similar ideas to those that companies like Meta have been touting as revolutionary for many years. Arguably the most successful example, however, remains Fortnite - while the battle royale maintains a competitive community, it's increasingly become a space for socialisation, creativity, and entertainment from movies to live music. With that kind of available tech, perhaps it's little surprise that Lego would choose Epic as its partner in its latest venture.

For now we’ll just have to stay tuned to see what Lego, Epic, and the rest of the Metaverse has to offer users in the future. Literally anything could happen at this point. 

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