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Halo TV show: Forget the face reveal, Master Chief bares it all in episode 3

Halo TV show
(Image credit: Microsoft/Paramount)

Dear Halo fans, if you lost your marbles over Master Chief's face reveal in the first episode of the Halo TV show, you'd better hold onto your seat.

While Master Chief removing his helmet was a historic moment for the Halo franchise, there's a screen in episode 3, out today, that might be even more, erm,  significant for a certain subset of viewers.

In revealing exactly what we're talking about here, we'll need to reveal story spoilers, so here's your warning to turn back if you haven't seen the latest episode of the Halo series. There's also a (censored) image of a human butt below, so here's your warning for that too.

Halo TV show

(Image credit: Paramount)

As dutifully flagged by Kotaku (opens in new tab), Master Chief (Pablo Schreiber) drops trou while performing surgery on himself to remove a bullet lodged at the base of his spine. In a couple of shots, you can clearly see the chief's full, unobscured and undressed backside. You'll need to watch the Halo show's third episode, titled 'Emergence', to see the unedited version, but here's the best we can do:

(Image credit: Paramount/Microsoft)

In a recent interview with SFX Magazine, Halo showrunner Steven Kane explained the reasoning behind the surprisingly controversial decision to reveal Master Chief's face, explaining that the series tells "a story about the man inside the helmet." But now that we've seen a whole lot more than his face, I feel like we're owed an explanation as to this latest reveal.

When we wrote that the Halo TV show is braver than the games, we had no idea just how brave it would get.

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